Our Pastor

Pastor Terri Novy

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”  Frederick Buechner

The deep gladness that fills my soul comes from the love of Jesus the Christ; whose love is poured into us each moment of each day.  This is what I desire to share with the world.  The depth of my joy is from God’s love: and that love is exactly what this world needs!

I’ve always felt God’s calling into ministry in the church.  My calling has changed and evolved throughout the years. It was after our three children, Michael, Nicole and Marilyn, had completed college and my husband, Bryan, had retired that this call was unavoidably profound upon my heart.

With the family’s blessings,  I soon began to pursue Pastoral Ministry in the UMC as a Local Licensed Pastor.  I attended and graduated the Michigan Conference License to Preach, and I am attending continued education through the course of Study through Garrett Evangelical Seminary. 

I served another congregation as Associate Pastor.  And now, here I am. Standing at the threshold of something new. We are ALL in unfamiliar territory.  These are strange times, and strange and unfamiliar situations.  In the midst of the Pandemic that is demanding that we stay apart, and has caused the “normal” that we yearn to get back to, cease to exist.

And yet-God. Through it all we have but one God, that says, “We got this!”  I believe that.  We Got this – because God’s got us.  So, let’s set our eyes, resolutely upon Jesus.  Have patience, and trust that God will lead us and love us through it all.  With God’s help, we will find our way together. A new way that is honoring and pleasing to the one who loves you more that you could ever imagine.  There is no limit to the love we can share with the world.


Show us the way, dear Lord, and let it be so!  AMEN!

Pastor Terri Novy