How to cover your tracks when cheating

Cheating is a betrayal that can ruin a relationship. It’s also not easy to catch someone in the act. That’s why cheaters have to cover their tracks.

If your partner starts keeping their phone locked or deleting their browsing history, it might be time to ask them what’s up. Here are some ways cheaters cover their tracks:

1. Hide their phone

If your partner has become overly protective of their phone, it could be a sign that they are hiding something. They might be deleting text messages or changing contact names to hide the identity of their lover.

They might also be clearing their browser history and using apps that are designed to keep images and videos private such as Vault or Hide It Pro. These apps work much like cloud services but can be used to hide illicit images and videos from other users.

Another trick that cheaters often use is purchasing a burner phone to communicate with their affair partner. Burner phones are small, pay-as-you-go mobile devices that are designed to be hidden from others. They can be purchased at most convenience stores or online.

2. Hide their social media accounts

Cheaters tend to be incredibly secretive about their social media activities, even creating fake accounts. They also make sure that they are not following their co-workers or friends to avoid suspicion.

They may also delete their search history on their laptop or phone. However, this is often done selectively as they know that the wrong person could find evidence of their cheating.

Another way that cheaters hide their tracks is by taking up new hobbies that keep them out of the house for long periods of time. They often choose hobbies that require them to be outdoors, such as hiking or horseback riding. They also frequently increase their work hours to create an alibi for being away from home. Then, they use their new hobby to meet with a potential lover.

3. Create fake accounts

Cheaters are known to create fake accounts on dating sites or other social media platforms to search for more affairs. If you notice a sudden change in your partner’s behavior, it may be worth asking for their phone to see if they’re using an account that they don’t share with you.

They’re also likely to start new hobbies that keep them out of the house for long periods. It’s a red flag to watch out for friends that your significant other doesn’t want you to meet or tries to discourage you from spending time with.

In addition, they might also start creating online Google or Microsoft 365 files that look innocent until opened. These files can act as a covert way to transfer pictures and videos to another person.

4. Change their passwords

A cheater is a master at covering their tracks and will try to hide everything, including their passwords. If they start changing their passwords frequently, you may want to keep an eye on them.

A common cheating trick is to use online payment services like PayPal and Venmo, which don’t leave a paper trail. This allows them to make purchases with cash or credit cards that aren’t linked to their bank accounts.

Cheaters are also known to clear their search histories, especially on dating sites. This way, their activity doesn’t appear in their auto-fill settings. They also might use a program called Vault or another cloud service to store photos and video and protect them with a password. These programs are similar to other cloud services, but with a higher security focus.

5. Change their location

Cheaters often hide their tracks by changing their locations. This can be especially common if they work in a field where they regularly travel or have unpredictable shifts. They may also be able to find a way to hide their location on certain apps so that their partner can’t track them.

If you’re suspicious that your partner is cheating, keep an eye out for any red flags. These might include them hiding their phone, making vague excuses for being away from home, or taking up new hobbies that have you out of the house for long periods of time.

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