Pastoral Note – March 6, 2015

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow morning, Frankfort UMC is participating in the 2015 Lincolnway TEAM Asset Family Fun Faire. This is one of few opportunities for us as a church to be a part of a community-wide gathering of local businesses and residents. The fact that village leaders and organizers invite local churches to participate in these functions points to an evidence of the faith-friendly environment in which we live.

This is an opportunity for us. If we can reach one soul for Christ, all of the preparation and giving up a portion of our Saturday morning would have been worth it.

With all of the talk about church growth and survival of the historic local church, our mission is still to reach people for Christ. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus. This is why we exist.

During our Wednesday Lenten Study, a question was raised: “Why would the persecuted early church grow so exponentially?”

One answer I would offer is this: Urgency.

The sense of urgency of the members of the church to share the Gospel.

Our time is short. We have a finite time on earth to prepare for eternity.
Therefore, our life of faith is not an adornment or an accessory.
Our devotion to God drives everything that we do. This is why it matters our family members and our children know God and walk with God.
This is why it matters we reach our neighbors unashamedly with the Good News of Jesus.

One of the dangers of living in a Christian-friendly environment, like in the time of Constantine, is that it diffuses the sense of urgency among Christians. Apathy sets in. Apathy is the perfect prescription for the death of the church.

Tomorrow is an opportunity for us to share Jesus as members of Christ’s Church in Frankfort.

Today, I spent some time at the home of David and Kim Beaudry. This is because on Sunday, David and Kim will become members at Frankfort UMC. We will officially welcome them into God’s church and also baptize their beautiful daughter, Ava.

I hope you will be there to celebrate and welcome this new family into our church family.
Here is a brief introduction:

Dave, Kim, Sydney and baby Ava Beaudry currently reside in Frankfort. Dave and Kim both grew up in the south suburbs. Dave is a tax accountant at Ernst & Young and Kim is currently a stay-at-home mom. Dave is a huge Chicago sports fan and enjoys cooking and Kim is an animal shelter volunteer and advocate in pitbull and cat rescue.

Don’t forget to set your clock one hour ahead before going to bed on Saturday night, and see you bright and early on Sunday morning.

In Christ,

Pastor Ken